New outfit support from Joker Brand

After 2009 i'm working again with the notorious fashion label JOKER BRAND from Los Angeles. I just received my new outfits wich i really love, especially their style of design. Now waiting to the moment, where i can

Campaign support Kulturgesichter069

These are hard times, no doubt! Especially for the entertainment industry, many artists, actors and people behind the stages having a lot of trouble to survive. I had the chance to be part of the new campaign from the....
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New article on Frizz Magazin

Last month's i had mentioned that i run my own radio show on the local independent RadioX station. Now the local media Frizz Magazin has wrote a nice article about...

Upcoming radio show starting November

Another dream comes true! After beeing years a radio guest on various stations, i finally get my own radio show. From now on i’m also part of the Virus Radio Team, who are running...