I was born in 1975 on a Thursday night in Hamm Germany, my parents gave me the birth name Serdar. The meaning was „The supreme Commander“ and my last name Yildiz means „Star“. Important to say, i was born in the zodiac of the fish, and those they say, are most of the time entertainer, artists or designers. At our home we heard all the time turkish music, sometimes when we had visitings from family members, they sang together and played with the turkish guitar Saz.

In 1982 i had started collecting posters and stickers from the youth magazine BRAVO. With our siblings, we paved our room with it and heard NDW music at the beginning. And than came the year 1983! I was 8 years old and saw a article in the BRAVO about Breakdancing. There was a Contest and kids were dancing on the street. The US dance films Breakin and Beatstreet created a break-dance wave in Germany, a hype was practically triggered. Even the German TV media such as the ZDF responded and broadcast „Breakdance with Eisi Gulp“ a program where you could learn breakdancing in front of the TV. I was flashed, I had tried to join, but I was still too small for it.

After school, I spent a lot of time in front of the TV and watched all the music videos. The hit parade, disco, disco and Formula One. At the age of 10, I already made my first mixtapes, playing over the Turkish MC tapes of my parents with the music from the radio. Finally, in November 1989, I started dancing at the age of 14.

Meanwhile, 30 years of my life as a entertainer have passed, i made many experiences as different characters. Was national and international as a dancer, choreographer, backing singer, promoter, manager, organizer, producer, book author, graphic artist, small actor and comedian active. The entire story is on this website and the story continues … ..



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