Someone called it a gift to be a child of a famous artist, but the reality of those childs are mostly different as they are. In this case we have a young man, who was ready to talk with us not only about his music, but also about his legendary father Eazy-E.

01. I guess almost everybody who you meet up probaly asking you always the same questions. How is it to live as a son of a legendary rapper ? Is it easier by getting older ?

01. I’ve always seen it as a blessing, just seeing how hard my father worked to get where he was growing up in the City of Compton wasn’t easy. I mean that’s how anybody would feel seeing their parent achieve such a high level of success, it’s dope. As ive gotten older i’ve just been able to understand it better than I did when I was younger, because I was a child back then. I see not only the man he was at home, but who he was as a businessman and entertainer & how much of an impact he had & still has worldwide.

02. The movie Straight Outta Compton was worldwide in the cinemas and showed the rise and fall of N.W.A. In a earlier interview you said, that the focus was more on Dr.Dre and Ice Cube instead of your father ? Do you feel disapointed because they was not telling more about Eazy-E‘s life ?

02. Well I know Straight Outta Compton wasn’t just about my father, but I do feel the focus was a lot more on the upcoming & development of Dr Dre & Ice Cube both in & out of the group more than N.W.A. as a whole. We all know my father isn’t here to tell his side of the story as they were so what was in the film came mostly from them two in which they had alot to do with the production of SOC. Little from family & other close friends of his who were around through the rise/fall of N.W.A. & his personal life.

03. On your instagram you mention, that your father was probaly killed and not just died because he had too much sex with several woman. Are there any news in this case ?

03. There isn’t any new news about what happened, I was only stating facts that came from out of people’s mouths on national television. I believe he either was never infected at all or was injected because, number 1 none of his children nor the women/mothers have the virus & number 2, how quickly this all happened from the time he got sick till his death. I’ve done my research, read and have been told that people who have been transfused with HIV contaminated blood often develops quickly whereas if it was a result of sex the period is a lot longer before the progression to AIDS. It’s definitely difficult to think about, because I was only five years old when he passed away so I didn’t understand anything that was going on at the time & even today I feel as If I’d never really know exactly what happened.

04. What about your own music, i heared that you are working on your solo debut album, how far are you
now ?

04. Right now I am working on my EP which I’m highly excited about. I have mixtapes I’ve released in the past, but this project really defines who I am not only as an artist but as a person. It’s definitely been a long road coming it hasn’t been easy, but I’m nearly finished and looking to release around ends of March beginning April 2016.

05. As a son of a legend, people are  probaly want to hear from you gangsta music. What will be your sound like ?

05. With my father being the legendary Godfather gangster rap a lot of people do have that expectation of me being a gangster rapper. My upbringing and lifestyle is completely different from my father, so all I can do is keep it real to myself and not pretend to be somebody that I’m not. When people hear my music, they will hear my life story & things they can relate to in my lyrics. I tend to talk about my struggles, experiences & things that I enjoy in life.

06. On wich label do you want to release your music ? Do you want go staight major or the independant way ? What is your plan ?

06. Right now I’m doing everything independently completely on my own focusing more on building my name & fanbase. In the future I’d definitely like to sign to a major label which would give me a greater opportunity as an artist to build my fanbase, get my music out there & tour.

07. Do you feel accepted as rap artist in the usa ? Is it important for you ?

07. I feel that the importance lies with just being yourself and doing what makes you happy. The more you are worried about acceptance the less you will be yourself.

08. Besides of your dad and N.W.A. wich groups or artists influenced you   mostly ?

08. Well I was born in the golden era the 90’s my generation influenced me. There were so many important, groundbreaking albums coming out right about that time, everything was still being discovered and everything was still innovative and new. Artist from Wu-tang, Bone Thugs-N- Harmony, The Pharcyde & even Outkast played a role in my musical influence. That’s not even naming R&B music the list goes on.

09. What is your goal in life, how far you want to go with your music career ? What else you do ?

09. My goal is to take my music to the next level to inspire & motivate people. I want to tour bringing my music to a variety of people throughout the U.S & Internationally. Aside from the music I’ve always done photography it’s been a hobby of mine since high school. Big reason I really got into photography & all that was so that i didnt have to rely on others & i could shoot my owm pictures & videos. I also plan on starting my own independent clothing line I’ve been working on mids of this year.

10. Are you willing to tour oversea one day and have some gigs in europe ?

10. I think it would be dope to tour overseas. Music is universal it’s important to expand your fanbase & have that diversity. Europe definitely is at the top of my list and a lot of my fans have been looking forward to me coming there. Everyday I’m asked when Im going to come and do shows I’m excited & more than ready to set something up.

Thank you for your time author: Thenkman