Final Interview with German Rap Artist Megaloh

Finally i have decided to come to the end with the Radio show. Here's my last interview with German Rap Artist Megaloh.

Interview with Musician and Songwriter Patrice

Im Interview mit dem Musiker, Songwriter und Produzent Patrice, ein Rückblick auf seine Karriere und ein Einblick in die Zukunft

Interview with DJ and Producer Frankfurt Funk

Frankfurt has definitely Funk, here is the proof! I had the chance to invite the musician Frankfurt Funk to my show. We had a Great talk, check out the interview down below.

Interview with DJ and Producer DJ Mahmut

Here we go with a new interview with the producer and dj from Frankfurt DJ Mahmut, former Looptown Records member and creator. A talk about..

Interview with German Rap Legend Toni-L

It was a big joy to interview Toni-L, not only that we had shows back in the days. He belongs to the first generation of german rap and made history with his..

Interview with german rap artist MC Rene

Interview with german freestyle rap artist MC RENE, a talk about his career, also about his upcoming projects. He had just released his new album "Irgendwas ...

Breakdance special with B-Boy Amigo

As a former B-Boy dancer i feel very happy to have Amigo as my next radio talk show guest. I will ask him few things starting from the beginning of dancing, but also about his earliest projects, stay tuned!
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Graffiti Special Live Show with Bomber

The fourth Montags-n-Harmony live radio show on february 22th, will have a Graffiti special with Frankfurts Graffiti legend Bomber. In one hour we will talk about his start and about his latest projects. But not only, we will also tell the