In 1994 I have met the Frankfurt rapper Volkan and was invited to the music studio a few days later, where I met the other label colleagues DJ Mahmut & Murat G. Her rap music sampler had just been released through the distribution of EFA media and a tour was imminent. Right away I was hired as a dancer and it followed nationwide concerts u.a. at the WOM Midnight Concert in Düsseldorf or at various Hip Hop Jams in Heidelberg.

In 1995 & 1996 I became part of the international hip-hop exchange „Le Fonque Connection“ between Germany and France, organized by the BDP (Bund der Deutschen Pfadfinder) and MCV (Paris Street Club). First in Frankfurt and later in Paris, there were joint concerts, which were very exciting.

In 1998, the second album „Garip Dünya“ was released and a Euroa Tour was imminent. After some national concerts, we flew to Istanbul to attend the Istanbul Hip Hop Jam at Club Harbiye. Added to this was a guest appearance on the radio station Raptourus Times, where we were able to present the new album on the radio. Afterwards, the video for the song „Nereye Baksam“ was filmed on the well-known Bagdat Caddesi. Today, DJ Mahmut & Murat G. are among the pioneers of Turkish Hip Hop.

Back in Germany we went to Nejmegen, Holland to the Doornrößchen Festival where we shared the stage with the legendary Osdorp Posse. After 10 years as a dancer I decided to stop dancing and wanted to teach teens to dance.

Umlaut Festival, Holland, 1998

Show at the Doornrosje in Nejmegen

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